Weers Waldo #1

How I heard about derby: my mom (Princess Harming) was on the Renegade Rollergirls where I first joined and was on their team for a whole year from February 2013 to February 2014 then switched to Killamazoo Derby Darlings (which I love).

Previous skating: None other then roller blading outside

What I skate on: Riedell 595 boot size 5 with the new rival plate and Atom Jukes(93a)

Injuries: Broken nose

Likes: Hitting people, Derby, Golf, softball, open skates, Family

Dislikes: Shin splints, not improving, lazy people

Goals: Work together with my team, become a better jammer and blocker

What do I do in my spare time: This should be easy! I skate at any open skate I can (I also work but it doesn’t seem like it lol)