Slay Valentine #27

Why roller derby? I wanted to get beautiful legs, and it worked.

What’s the origin of your derby name? Faye Valentine from Cowboy Bebop has always been an idol of mine, and I think she’d make a fantastic derby girl.

What inspires you? The written word, clean sheets, empty spaces, and good beats.

Injuries? Nothing worth writing home about, thankfully!

What wheels do you use? Depends on the floor, but the skinnier the better.

Do you serve on any KDD committees? I’m on the training committee and event planning committee.

What’s your non-derby life like? In order to pay for my derby habit, as well as give my pets the best lives possible, I am a full time design engineer Monday-Friday.

Advice for someone interested in derby? Do it. Especially if you think you can’t, I promise you can. You don’t have to skate to join either, we love our Officiating staff, our trainers, our volunteers, and our super fans! There is a place for you in the derby world!