Rocket Hips #321


Tagline: SCIENCE!

Why roller derby? I went to my first bout about two years ago, and thought derby was the most awesome thing I’d ever seen. I spent one of those years talking myself out of the idea, but once I finally attended my first practice I was completely hooked.

What’s the origin of your derby name? I’m a giant geek. And my hips send jammers blasting off into outer space.

Injuries? Blown PCL on my right side. Seriously, start with the good kneepads.

What wheels do you use? Sure-Grip Zombies.

What’s your non-derby life like? I’m a web developer at a local ad agency, and in my spare time I make comic books, play Irish music, and kayak.

Advice for someone interested in derby? I’d never played a sport in my life, had never been on quads before, I’m way older than some of my fellow skaters, and I still made the team. Give it a shot, because you never know what you’re capable of achieving.