Princess Harming #22, Killa Crew Captain

Skater of the MonthFebruary 2015

Skater of the month for February 2015!

Why roller derby?
I love to hit girls and play a great sport so roller derby was it.

How did you come up with your derby name?
I thought it sounded like something girly and tough at the same time.

I have had no injuries — no broken bones yet! — but I have had lots of bruises.

What’s your skate setup like?
I skate on an Atom Q6 boot with a Falcon Pilot plate, with Atom G-Rods for my wheels. They’re amazing.

What’s your non-derby life like?
I’m a mom to Weers Waldo and One Hit Wanda. I’m also a wife, a hairdresser, and a Girl Scout leader, so you can say I’m a busy lady.

Advice for someone interested in Derby?
Do it! You will love it. Don’t be afraid to try something new and exciting!