Emma Pistol #217

Skater of the MonthApril 2015

Tagline:Pistol whippin’ is a good way to conserve ammunition

Why roller derby?Why not? It’s just the BEST sport in the world!!! Plus you’re never too old, fat, skinny, short, tall, sane or crazy to play this sport. Everyone is accepted! 

What’s the origin of your derby name? A former commander would always call me “Pistol” and it stuck.

What brought you to KDD? Life has me always moving every few years and it recently took me here to Michigan. I started loving derby while down in Texas & have managed to keep roller derby in my life as I move around. I’m just happy to be apart of KDD and feel at home here.

What inspires you? hmmm…. I just want to enjoy life. I don’t want to say when I’m old in the retirement community, “I really wish I had done…..” Now is the best time to dare to take the next adventure. Life is a beautiful treasure and it should be enjoyed to the fullest.

What is your proudest derby moment? I’ve won a few MVP awards, team spirit awards, ‘triple threat’ awards, gold metal at the NYC skate marathon (derby division), Zombie Prom King’s court, Skater of the month award, 2014 Division 2 Playoffs Bronze metal, etc. Awards are great and something to be proud about but my proudest moments are when rosters are posted. Every time I see my name on roster for the next upcoming bout, I’m proud & get excited to be representing this amazing team. It was such an honor and memorable experience to skate with KDD at the 2014 Division 2 Playoffs in Kitchener Canada. I just love taking the track together with my teammates and feeling proud that we work together as one.

Got any injury stories? Oh geez!! I do have a long list of derby injuries. To date, I’ve had 12 serious injuries (not including all the bruises) and spent many weeks/months on the injured skater list which sucks. I’ve learned that I need to also focus on ‘injury prevention’ training if I want to keep playing roller derby.

Derby Props? 

  •  skates/plates: Black & Orange Bonts with Avenger plates (looking to purchase new plates soon) and Riedell 265s for outdoor skating
  • wheels: I’m a wheel collector. I skate with whatever wheels have clean spinning bearings in them.
  • Protective gear: All 187 gear
  • Must haves: Bauer hockey helmet with a half visor

What’s your non-derby life like? Busy and chaos like everyone else. I try to spend 2-3 hours a day at the gym; weight training, cardio, spinning, yoga, HIIT training and plyometrics.

Advice for someone interested in derby? Just do it already! Stop waiting and wondering if roller derby is something you ‘could maybe do’. Sure, it’s intimidating to skate side by side with veteran skaters but we all remember our first few months of learning roller derby. Just don’t give up! It’s best to set weekly achievable goals and try hard to not compare yourself to others. We all have different strengths and weakness that balance out when we all come together on the track. Let your strengths shine and lead you!

Send out some heartfelt derby love to your peeps: Thank you to Dani Killafornia, Merv the Perv, Renegade Raven, Ted Nuisance, Nash Villain, Hillbilly Hellcat & Jocelyn Bassler for all inspiring me, keeping my ‘derby fire’ burning, believing in me, training me to be stronger, and never letting me give up. I hope that I continue to make y’all proud! Thank you to Javelin, Miss B, The Dude, Lily St.Smear, Happy Killmore, Terror Hawk, and Buns ‘n’ Roses for fully welcoming me to KDD, making me feel at home here, pushing me to limits, trusting me as a teammate, challenging me, and letting my derby love continue to grow bigger. I look forward to our 2015 season! Finally, THANK YOU to all of our fans and supporters! We love what we do and we love hearing you scream wildly for us at our bouts!!! WHOSE HOUSE??? OUR HOUSE!!!! KILL KILL KILL!!!