Join KDD!

Killamazoo wants you to join our league! We’re looking for new skaters, referees and Non Skating Officials right now, no experience necessary. We’ll teach you how to skate, we’ll teach you the rules, and we’ll show you how it all works. Come and be a part of our family and you’ll never regret it.


The Killamazoo Derby Darlins are always looking for women ages 18 and over who are interested in what it takes to play roller derby. Skating experience is helpful but not necessary. Contact our Fresh Meat coordinator, Bicked Witch for more information. You can also read our Fresh Meat FAQ for a basic rundown of what you’ll need to start skating.


Our reffing crew needs your talents! If you have patience, a passion for rules and regulations, and a penchant for stripes, KDD wants you to join our zebra huddle. Please contact our Head Referee Trickless Magician.

Non Skating Officials (NSOs)

Jam timing, scorekeeping, penalty tracking: our bouts can’t happen without Non-Skating Officials, and KDD loves our NSOs. Do you enjoy stats, whiteboards and staring down skaters with a steely eye? Talk to our co-head NSOs, MegNitude and A’Blazing Grace, who can set you up with a position and a smart-looking pink polo.


Would you like to get into a KDD bout for free? We always need volunteers to do things like help us sell merchandise, sweep the floor between games, and maintain the tape on our track. We’d be very grateful if you’d like to lend us a hand — just contact Battleaxe!

The Killer Beez

If you have kids between the ages of 6 and 17, we’d love them to join the Killer Beez, our Juniors team. The Beez are co-ed, and play at Wings Stadium with the KDD teams, as well as their own bouts. Drop Javelin a line for more information, or visit their Facebook page.

Kalamazoo Men’s Roller Derby

In addition to our Women’s and Juniors’ teams, the Killamazoo family also includes a men’s team, Kalamazoo Men’s Roller Derby. Our brothers-at-arms play fast, hard-hitting derby that has to be seen to be believed, so don’t hesitate to contact Seth$ha for all the details on how to join KMRD.